KARA Organizational resource management system

ERP software are systems that manage all the resources of an organization. Integration and being process-oriented in these systems are considered important points; Also, these systems provide the necessary conditions and facilities for planning and optimal use of the organization's resources. Kara's ERP software includes ready and integrated modules that are pre-prepared and engineered according to the best solutions obtained in the same industries as your organization, which can be configured and customized according to your business after the initial stages of implementation. . Effective ERP software as an organizational resource management system, in addition to reducing the costs of the organization through increasing productivity, provides quick and integrated access to information in all units, and by receiving performance statistics for each unit, it establishes the integrated management of the organization. The ability to define and create access restrictions, multi-user, flexible management, high speed, process-oriented and information-oriented ERP software is one of the key features that distinguish this software from its competitors.

System features
  • Integration and management of information in all organizational units
  • The flexibility and intelligence of ERP software with the ability to adapt to the daily business needs
  • The central process of the ERP system with the ability of professional form-making and reporting tools
  • Compatibility with output software
  • Covering all funds related to large businesses
  • Providing correct information with maximum accuracy to manage goals
  • Providing a clear picture of performance and future forecast
  • Risk assessment and faster decision making
  • Cost reduction in all business units
  • Increasing efficiency in the business process
  • Simplifying processes that lead to long-term cost savings
  • Providing a wider horizon in different business areas to meet the needs of customers
  • Ability to calculate and monitor real-time business profitability and cost of goods sold
  • Increase satisfaction and data security by modifying the database, support and the ability to control employee rights