Sarati "Learning Management System (LMS)" is a web-based system that aims to manage the educational information of schools, students, teachers and comprehensive analysis of grades, along with various and comparative charts at the class, grade and school level, to check growth and the drop in grades, examining the strengths and weaknesses of students and teachers, online school communication with teachers, parents and students, holding virtual classes, etc. have been implemented, which eases and accelerates the work of school officials, saving time and energy. It will be humane and increase accuracy and speed in the decisions of school administrators, assistants, counselors, teachers, etc.

Access to school principals:
  • Information management of personnel, teachers and school students,
  • The possibility of weekly planning of classes and lessons
  • Specialized reports in the department of student and teacher performance, examination of classroom, elementary and school performance and status, financial reports.
  • Analysis and comparison of the school's current situation with previous years, specialized and diverse reports in the field of pass percentage and average grades, analysis of student absences by course monthly and intelligent control of tuition and public assistance.
Student access:
  • Participation in virtual classes
  • Ability to manage tasks and projects
  • Electronic test
  • Access to educational resources
  • Consultation with the secretary and troubleshooting
  • Online viewing of grades, class schedule, exam schedule and school notice board
Access of parents of students:
  • Appropriate communication between parents of students and teachers and school officials
  • Information about your child's academic status, attendance, homework, exam timetables and continuous grades
  • Ability to pay school fees online
  • Effective dialogue between student parents and school teachers
Teachers access:
  • Management of virtual classes
  • Extensive communication with school administrators, students and their parents
  • Management of students' assignments and follow-up and review online
  • Management of online tests and student exams
  • Grouping and ranking of students
  • Online attendance of students
  • Annual curriculum calendar and smart grade book.
Access to education departments:

Viewing the statistical and performance reports of schools, including: specialized analysis of grades, weekly schedule, practical organization of teachers and other required reports online

Virtual education subsystem:

Sarati virtual class management software, based on the BigBlueButton system, which is an open source software, has been implemented in order to provide the desired content virtually and online and to form classes or face-to-face meetings. You can use this software to hold classes. Use your training.

All the facilities you need for a training class are collected in a simple but complete and advanced collection, and you will have access to the entire world of education and learning with just one button.

Users of the Sarati LMS system through the address and in their portfolio, with the access of students, teachers and school personnel, along with other features such as electronic tests, management of educational resources, management of assignments and projects. , management of grades and attendance, absence, etc., can click on their active class and use the provided features.

In this case, you can see the formation of new meetings and the report of previous meetings through the online meeting management option.

To create a new meeting, you can proceed through the new meeting option and select the date and time of the meeting, the number of participants in the meeting, the possibility of recording the meeting and other settings related to the class.

After entering the online meeting, you can choose your login type and finally use the capabilities of this system and the educational tools considered.

Ability to share and provide files

The files can be in the form of PDF, PowerPoint, image, etc., and the teacher can share the desired files on the screen with other users at any time.

Audio and video sharing

The image and sound will be provided for all users, and it is also possible for the user to reduce or increase the quality and size of her image according to her needs and the quality of the Internet speed.

Recording sessions

You can record all classes and meetings and have them available later.

Screen sharing page

In addition to presenting the desired content by uploading a file in the presentation section, the user can share her screen.

Direct writing on the board

The user can type on the board at the same time as providing the desired content and also use a mouse or a light pen.

question and answer

In the virtual class, there is an environment for public and private text conversations where users can ask their questions in text form with the professor or with each other.

Holding a virtual class and e-learning

Online class capability for universities, schools, educational institutions and... This allows them to hold their classes and training courses with special capabilities and advanced training facilities in the Internet environment, and has removed the physical problems and obstacles for the implementation of training courses.

Teachers' facilities:
  • No need to install additional software
  • Audio and video communication with users
  • Recording training sessions
  • Multipurpose whiteboard
Other features:

The lack of restrictions on the use of devices such as computers, mobile phones and tablets has made this system one of the most modern web conferences in the world today. The capabilities of this open source tool have already surpassed similar software such as Adobe Connect.

No time and place access restrictions

At any time and place with only internet and mobile or computer, you can click on the exceptional online class button and start your class.