The administrative automation subsystem is a comprehensive and web-based system as the core of the administrative field systems, which is designed with a very simple and professional user interface and allows the organization and its sub-groups to register, circulate, archive and manage all types of intra-organizational and extra-organizational correspondence. It provides organizational documents and forms without time and place restrictions with high speed, ease of use and in a secure environment.

Contracts subsystem
  • Definition of the contract based on the information received from the tender and estimate along with the completion of other specifications (places of implementation, credit sources, guarantees, payment method, general and detailed type of contract, guarantee period, parties to the contract and signatories, experts and monitoring bodies and attached indexes to the agreement and...)
  • Notification of the contract to the expert and contractor in the respective dashboards
  • Carrying out the process of delivery and equipping the workshop
  • Alarms of near-expiration contracts for the contracts unit and experts
  • Update contract status based on time and completed information
  • Project file management
  • Dynamic reports based on all defined and calculated fields including contract status, physical and real progress
  • Ability to manage workshop monitoring reports
  • Calculate the cost of the contract
  • Calculation of machine costs
  • Print reports by selecting required fields in different sizes and dimensions
Database subsystem
  • Creating an information bank of contractors and legal and real consultants and stores
  • Management of all contractors' information and their records (fields of activity, field and rank, attached files related to documents and various documents)
  • Black list of legal and real contractors
  • Receive instant inquiry of contractor and consultant information from Sajar system
Technical specifications of the system
  • Implementation of the system on the web
  • Responsive design (displays correctly on different screen sizes)
  • Support for updated browsers
  • Encrypted storage of user passwords
  • Maintenance of logs and system errors